A European Network of Forensic Sciences in Education will be established to connect all schools and teachers using the Forensic Sciences Toolbox.

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How will this network work?


Teachers training and “Regional Hubs”

We will organise "train the trainers" 5 days workshops, where participants will develop the knowledge and skills to train other teachers using the Toolbox. These will be the first “Regional Hubs” of our network, located in the countries of the partnership: Portugal, UK, Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Poland.

From Hub to Hotspot

The participants of the workshops will become contact persons of local "Hotspots" and they will be prepared to train further teachers in using the Toolbox.

The Network

A database of network members including certified EURO4SCIENCE 2.0 trainers (hotspots) will be available online, so that all teachers who wish to learn how to use the Toolbox can easily find and contact a certified trainer nearby.

If you are a teacher and you/your school is interested in getting involved in this European Network, please contact us or keep informed about the developments of our project. Membership to the network will be free of charge and schools will receive one example of the Toolbox (until the maximum available produced by the project).