A Forensic Science Educational Book will be produced containing a presentation of concept
of the Toolbox, the materials included in the Toolbox and the various activities available.

Toolbox Materials

(List of materials)

The Toolbox Materials  are limited to availability. If you are interested in receiving them, please contact the project coordinator.


Euro4Science 2.0 Teachers’


UK Teachers’ Guide 

  • Activities mapped to KS3 and KS4 National Curriculum
  • GCSE Required Practicals for AQA/OCR/Edexcel Referenced
  • Technician set-up notes


The Forensic Science Educational Toolbox will be an improvement and scaling up of Toolbox developed in Euro4Science ( you can check it here).

This improved version will expand the application of the activities to new fields, such as health, environment and societal values such as non-discrimination and human rights.

We are using the feedback collected by the first Euro4Science project and analyzing state of the art proposals in terms of hands on activities that fit our strategy.

The Toolbox consists in a suitcase with materials to implement pratical activities as well as support documents:

  • Teachers Guide: with description of the activities, tips to implement the Toolbox in different school subjects and guidelines for the use of the Toolbox and respective protocols.
  • Students Guide: with a description of cases and stories where the Toolbox activities can be integrated, as well as explanations of how to solve the activities proposed.

The materials of Toolbox will be avaliable in 6 languages: English, Bulgarian, Polish, Portuguese, Greek and Turkish. Hundreds of units of the Toolbox will be produced and distributed by schools all over Europe. If you are a teacher and you/your school is interested in receiving the Toolbox and be trained to use it, please contact us. Your school may integrate our European Network of Forenic Sciences in Education.