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Welcome to EURO4SCIENCE 2.0

Spin Off of a Forensic Science Educational Strategy Promoting Scientific Literacy
and European Students Citizenship


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Euro4Science 2.0 is a spin-off of the Euro4Science project. We use the CSI motto through crime cases to create challenges that students can solve using techniques such as blood type analysis while learning mathematics, chemistry and other subjects in active and exciting ways. In Euro4Science 2.0 expands and improves the Forensic Science Education Toolbox with materials and activities for teachers and students including activities related to environment, health and citizenship.

We also count with a video library with live demonstrations on how to solve the activities proposed and we  have trained hundreds of teachers in Portugal, Poland, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey and the UK, so that they are able to use the Toolbox and train further teachers for this purpose. We will create a European Network for Forensic Sciences in Education, with “Hotspots” prepared to train teachers for the use of the Toolbox and organise Forensic Science Festivals in various countries, as well as an international Symposium of Forencisc Education.

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