Recently, on September 1st 2016, the second stage of the Euro4Science project has started. This new stage, also known as Euro4Science 2.0, is a spin-off of the Euro4science project, which developed a Forensic Science Education Toolbox with a series of materials and activities for teachers and students to use in science-related subjects. Euro4science uses the “CSI” motto through crime cases to create challenges that students can solve using techniques such as blood type analysis while learning mathematics, chemistry and other subjects in an active and exciting way.

In addition to its solid foundation, acquired in the past 2,5 years, the Euro4Science project is taking on a new life, and more than improving on the past edition’s results, this new stage aims to broaden the project’s horizons, by replicating and expanding its philosophy much beyond the borders of the countries participating in the consortium.

The official start meeting is scheduled for the next day, 30 November 2016, and is taking place in Skipton, UK.